You need music and songs for your projects? Just ask and we will compose and produce the music you need.
After finishing school Julian studied popular and classical music (guitar, vocals, piano and conducting) at the academy of music and art in Hamburg/Germany.
He composes, produces and arranges music in various styles.
Besides some publications as singer/songwriter he writes songs for various artists like Godewind, River Boys and Nightshade and composes/produces music for a children theatre.
Stone-Castle-Music is a music company founded by Julian Steinberg alias Detlef Stein - Schomburg
Besides of just listening and enyoying the music, it is the purpose of this site to give Record Companies,Publishers, Musicians and every company or person  who is interested a brief overview of the kind of music we are making.
Just contact us if you like it!

E-Mail :  [email protected]
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